December 5, 2023

About Us

Most of us don’t like numbers. Stats freak us out. 

Data is like this big, twisted, complicated, crazy monster created just to instil fear in us.

Yeah. We know the feeling.

It freaks us out too –  imagine demystifying numbers, making data-led video stories for a living!

So why do it?
Because, WE are the numbers. We are all part of some data.

There are 10 million child labourers in India. One of them is the boy who sold you earrings in the local train today.

2333 girls are killed in the womb in India – one of them could have possibly figured out how to cure Aids. If she had the chance. 

And the reason your little nephew wheezes so much in Gurgaon, is because the city has the highest concentration of PM 2.5, a pollutant that festers deep in the blood and lungs of humans.

That’s why data matters. Data shocks us, it awes us. But can also spur us to action. 

Data empowers. If you know it, you can work at changing it.

That’s why we work hard at demystifying data.

To put it fair and square in context of India’s big social challenges like education, health, gender, environment and governance. And India’s 2019 elections.

We know you are busy. So we create short crisp videos tailored for you in Hindi and English.  You can access them on your phone, on-the-go.

So are you ready to be a DataBaaz?